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The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 require that all Gas appliances and associated pipework that is fitted in rented accommodation are subject to inspection and certification every twelve months. It is a criminal offence if the landlord or their appointed Managing Agents do not comply with these Regulations.

What do we do? Immediately following instruction LWL Heating will write to the tenant and further inform the Agent (if Applicable) of our intended date and time that we will call to carry out the inspection. If the Tenant is not agreeable to the given date then they are requested to contact our office to rearrange a visit at a mutually agreed time within normal working hours. The majority of Tenants are willing to co-operate  which means that we can undertake these inspections quickly and efficiently and before their expiry date.The inspections are vital for safety reasons, and this leaflet explains the reasons for the inspections.

What happens if the Tenant is out when we call? Any visit is always by appointment or notification of agreed entry with keys supplied and we do not carry out cold calling. However in the event that the Tenant has forgotten the appointment then a calling card is left detailing the day and date when we called and further requesting them to re arrange the visit. We do not make any charge for a first aborted call. The job is then monitored and chased up at regular intervals and should we experience a second aborted call or are unable to make contact with the tenant then we will inform the Landlord or Agent before the expiry date informing them that further action is required to gain access.

What does the inspection cover

We must inspect any flues, pipe-work and appliances that are the responsibility of  and that are owned by the Landlord . It does not apply to any gas appliance that the Tenant owns which they are responsible for to ensure it is maintained in a safe working order. Some appliances and in particular open flued appliances such as back boilers and gas fires will require servicing at the time of visit and when this is necessary an additional cost will be charged accordingly. On completion of the inspection visit a CORGI Gas Safety Certificate will be issued detailing any faults found and any recommended remedial works. The invoice for the visit  along with the Certificate will be sent to the managing Agent or Landlord.

As a Landlord or managing Agent what do you need to do
to make sure an inspection is carried out within the next 12 months ?
You need to do very little - our maintenance records are computerised, so a reminder will be sent out to the Landlord or Agent 6 weeks prior to the expiry date requesting authorisation for works on which the whole process is repeated.


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